SensulinTM is developing a true once-a-day glucose responsive insulin that may mimic a healthy human pancreas. SensulinTM may eliminate the need for basal & prandial insulin, offer a substantial improvement in the standard care, and most importantly give those with diabetes a chance at a normal life.


SensulinTM is a biotechnology company, developing a next-generation insulin for diabetes. The company's glucose-responsive insulin may provide a patient’s entire daily insulin need via a single dose, taken with breakfast (instead of 4-8 injections per day). SensulinTM aims to make basal and mealtime insulin obsolete, reduce the need for glucose monitoring, greatly improve the standard of care, and solve one of the largest unmet medical needs in all of healthcare. For both Type 1 (T1D) and Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) patients, SensulinTM may reduce the long-term complications associated with diabetes (eye & kidney disease, etc.).


SensulinTM is seeking partners to commercialize its insulin platform, but also its stimulus-responsive drug delivery system. We can encapsulate many types of therapeutics in our liposomes, and trigger release upon a variety of stimuli. Please see our R&D for peer-reviewed publications that demonstrate the versatility of our platform.


SensulinTM has developed a proprietary drug delivery platform, called Agglomerated Vesicle Technology (AVT). The technology is covered by one issued U.S. patent and one US/PCT patent application. This platform is based upon a series of liposomes that are linked by a stimulus-responsive molecule, which can be used to encapsulate a variety of drugs, that are triggered by a variety of stimuli.

Please review Dr. Annapragada’s peer-reviewed publications, for more information on the system. If you are interested in testing our AVT delivery system, contact Mike Moradi by filling out the contact us form or call.