Pharmacodynamic Studies in Rats.

An aerosol insulin carrier based on the agglomerated vesicle technology that the authors have previously advanced [E. Karathanasis et al. J. Control. Release 103 (2005) 159–175] was evaluated in vivo. The carrier consisted of insulin-loaded liposomes cross-linked via chemical bridges cleavable by cysteine. It was speculated that the cleavage of the cross links released internal surface area and possibly resulted in the disruption of the liposomal walls. © 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Intl Journal of Nanomedicine - 2007 cipro

Ciprofl oxacin were evaluated for modulated delivery from the lungs in a healthy rabbit model. An aliphatic disulfi de crosslinker, cleavable by cysteine was used to form cross-links between nanosized liposomes to form the agglomerates. The blood levels of drug after pulmonary instillation of free Ciprofl oxacin, liposomal Ciprofl oxacin, and the agglomerated liposomes encapsulating Ciprofl oxacin were evaluated.

Intl Journal of Nanomedicine - 2007 Pulmonary Insulin in Rats

In an attempt to achieve post-inhalation self-regulated insulin release, we constructed a microparticle agglomerate of nano-sized liposomal particles, with the agglomeration facilitated by cross-linkages capable of cleavage by glucose. The particles exhibited a small aerodynamic diameter within the human respirable range, but a large geometric diameter that prevents macrophage uptake and clearance.

Sensulin Appoints Advisory Board

Advisory Board for biotech company is chaired by past ADA President, includes past CEOs of the JDRF and Amylin, former Franchise Head for Merck’s diabetes and obesity division, etc. Chicago, July 11, 2013---- Sensulin, LLC, a leader in the development of novel medicines for diabetes, announced its Advisory Board during the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) 73rd Scientific Sessions.

The Future of Basal Insulin

Diabetes has been known to mankind for hundreds of years and was considered a deadly disease before the advent of insulin. It was the discovery of insulin by Frederick Banting and Charles Best that revolutionized the management of diabetes.

Sensulin: Sensing Sugar

Insulin-dependent diabetics take a combination of basal and prandial insulins two or more times a day to manage fluctuations in blood sugar, especially at mealtime. Sensulin LLC is developing a glucose-responsive once-daily insulin that could mimic insulin release in healthy people and eliminate the need for multiple injections.